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Buy your star - Review 1

James Hall

Thanks to the "Buy your Star" team! I bought one of these middle sized stars for my girlfriend and you know what? She bought a big one for me right next to hers... Love you guys

Buy your star - Review 2

Sandra Herbert

Meine Zähne sind wie Sterne! Gelb und weit auseinander! Aber geile APP bTW (By the WAY)!

Buy your star - Review 3

Mike Robinson

That’s cool stuff, already bought two stars! Bummer, there is nothing in for my ex-girlfriend – was thinking of a black hole (death star) or something…

Buy your star - Review 4


Haha wie geil, ich freu mich schon auf die upgrades ,aber leider hab ich jetzt die ganze zeit das Lied von DJ Ötzi im Kopf… Einen Stern, der deinen Namen trägt… haha!

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